Resource Based System

Resource Based System

What is a Resource Based System?

A Resource Based System is a System that uses Resources as it's foundation instead of Money and Credit.

Why is a Resource System BETTER than a Monetary System?

Because a Resource Based System is primarily focused on fulfilling the Needs of the People WORLD WIDE. Needs = Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health Care, Education, Transportation, ect. In a Resource Based System all of your Needs will be provided to you for FREE!

In a Resource Based System people CARE for each other, and the Prime Motivation is Passion, and pursuit of Happiness, and Fulfilling one's dreams. In a Monetary System the Primary Motivation is Money, which leads to Corruption, Deception, Lies, Scandals, Dishonesty, Mistrust, Theft, Extortion, Manipulation, Oppression, Slavery, Hatred and Contempt. Proving that a Resource Based System is a BETTER System. A more Righteous System.

Once you take away all the Money, you remove the Motivation for Many Crimes and Scams as well. Even the Reason people Work would Change. In a Monetary System it is a System of Oppression, those who Have money try to Oppress those who do not have money and try to keep them from getting any money. So most people Work just to Survive in a Monetary System. In a Resource Based System there is NO MONEY! And all of your Needs will be provided to you for FREE. So there will be no need for people to Work unless you want to. So in a Resource Based System you work because you WANT to, doing whatever you WANT to do, rather than Slaving away at a Job you Hate just to pay the Bills. Working for some Asshole who treats you like shit just to make you Conform. In a Resource Based System, people CARE for each other, people Respect Each other, there is no reason for a Dictatorship type Employers who enslave people. Because you can Work doing whatever you want for Whoever you want, because you will be working for FREE just because you want to do it. No one will force you to work. So those you help will show more Appreciation for what you do for them, because they will know, you don't have to be there just to survive like you would in a Monetary System.

How does a Resource Based System Work?

The Resources of the World (Foods, Fibers, Woods, Iron Ore, Metal Alloys, Petroleum, Fossil Fuels, Precious Metals, Precious Gems, Sand, Silica, and everything else,) are Cultivated and Refined for the benefit of everyone equally. These Resources are then Supplied to the individual Manufacturers Free of Charge, the Manufacturing Companies will Switch over to Complete Automation, where Robots do most of the Work, people would just supervise the operations of the Robots. The Products would then be Distributed among the people equally based on Needs first then once everyone's needs are met, an allotment would be given to each individual for their WANTS.

One example would be a Social Worker might be appointed to each Household to determine what their specific NEEDS might be. This Social Worker then Submits a Request Via a Laptop Computer while she is sitting there talking with the members of the Household. This e-mail Request would go to a Distribution Warehouse which might operate Similar to a Wal-Marts or Large Supply Warehouse, and a Crew of Robots would immediately load the items on a Truck and Drive it out to the House the same day. This Social Worker could also pass out a Form of Credit Card for each individual in the Household to obtain WANTS of a Specific kind. But there would be no Banking System, only Credit Card allotments for people to purchase Wants. These Credit Card Allotments would be the same for every person, so that no person would have more than the next guy or gal. There would be no way for anyone to Oppress someone else using Money or Credit. The Banks would be converted into Accounting Facilities Only, they would no longer issue Loans or Money, or Cash Checks. The Banks would operate like Supply Comptrollers rather than Credit institutions. Because there would be no Money. The Credit Cards would serve more like an Electronic Voucher for Goods, but not Services. Because all Services would be Free already. And no one would have to work for these Credit Voucher Cards. They would automatically be given to each individual by the Social Worker when he or she interviews the Household each week.

But How in the World would we Switch to a Resource Based System?

STEP 1 INFORM THE PUBLIC!- The First step must be a Media BLITZ on the Subject WORLD WIDE. Because the First thing that has to happen is we have to have a Unanimous Decision to Switch over to the Resource Based System. Otherwise if the people do not understand what is happening, they could Panic, it might cause an outbreak of Wars for a Dozen Different reasons. It could inspire Religious Terrorism or Republicans might Launch Political Terrorist Attacks because once we adopt a Resource Based System there will be NO MORE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Because everything the Republicans are interested in is based on MONEY. Take the Money away and all the Con-Artist Republicans go with it. So unless we can appeal to them and make the people understand that a Resource Based System is a more RIGHTEOUS System, then they might view it as a Type of Communism, (Which it is NOT) and launch Wars over it, because that is the only thing Republicans know how to do is Oppress, Enslave, Kill, and go to War. What do you expect from Evil People? The only way to prevent this is to Teach them that a Resource Based System is BETTER. We do this with a Media BLITZ.

STEP 2 MAKING THE DECISION- Once everyone on the Planet decided that THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO DO, then a U.N. Meeting would have to take place, as well as meetings with all the world leaders, and a Unanimous U.N. Resolution would have to be agreed upon to Switch to a Resource Based System WORLD WIDE.

STEP 3 INFORMING THE PUBLIC AGAIN!- Once the Leaders have made the decision, the Public would have to be informed of what THEY need to do to get with the Program. People need to understand what their Part in all of this would be. Basically everyone would just keep doing their Jobs for Free for a while until the System becomes fully operational.

STEP 4 MILITARY ORGANIZES SWITCH- Once everyone has talked it over, and everyone agrees that this is the best Solution to all the World's Problems, then the Military in every Country in the World would be Mobilized within each Country to Organize and Distribute Food, Clothing, and Provide Shelter for the Homeless until Housing is assigned to them, and the Military would Distribute all NEEDS to each Household Initially while maintaining Order and Peace within each Country.

Why the Military? Because the Military is Fully Trained to handle this type of an Operation. They do it all the Time in Relief Aid Deployments. Also the Military understands how to Maintain and Keep Order. This is the same type of Procedure performed by the Military in China when they Switched Hong Kong back to Communist.

Also the Military is fully Equipped with Transportation Vehicles, Planes, Helicopters, and Heavy Equipment needed to Deliver Supplies to every Household in the Country. So the Military would be the Best Option in this Situation. Martial Law would go into effect just like it did in China when they Switched to Communism in Hong Kong, but the Difference is there should be no Required Curfew for the people. People should be able to go on about their lives as usual without interference from the Military unless they are breaking the Law, such as Stealing, Looting, or Committing acts of Terrorism.

STEP 5 PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION - After the System has Switched over, immediately Social Workers will go house to house and assess any NEEDS of each Household. Prior to the Switch many Assets of the Rich might be Ceased and Liquidated to pay off any Debts which the Republicans in each Country Created to balance the System out before we Switch to a Resource Based System. Part of the Switch is acknowledging that what the Republicans did was an Act of Terrorism against the people. And they should pay for those Crimes partly by having all their Assets Ceased and Liquidated. This will pay off all the Debts which the Republicans Created, balancing the System out before we Switch so that once we Switch no one will be Richer than the other person. Everyone will have the same amount of Wealth. But as Production and Distribution increases as everyone's needs are met. The World will quickly evolve into a High Tech Wonderland out of a Sci-Fi Movie. Everyone will have everything they need and most of what they want as well. Some people's insatiable Greed will be held in Check and Regulated by the Distribution of the Credit Voucher Card. Which will be equal for everyone, so no one can have MORE than someone else. Each person can aquire a different amount of things, but the over-all value of these things will ultimately be the same. When someone wants to trade in an Old out of date item for a new one, then a new Voucher Card will be issued to purchase the new item.

How will this Affect the Legal System?- Many people such as those in the Venus Project claim that the Prison System will Vanish completely, and there will be no more Police or Law Enforcement or Court System. However this is not true, there will always be a Legal System, because there is always an element of Abnormal Psychology in any Society. Crime related to Money will be Greatly Reduced, once the Money is gone, the Motivation to Steal is gone as well. However there is no Rule that says there won't be the Occasional Pirate who decides he is going to Steal the Neighbors Car and go for a Joy ride. Or the Sexual Deviant who can help but want to Rape the Girl next door. So with the element of Deviant Behavior, you will always need someone to respond to these situations, and you will always need a Court System to decide what is the right thing to do with these people, and you will always need a place to put them once you decide. So the people in the Venus Project haven't really had that much experience in the realm of Sociology, they may have Studied it in Books but they speak with less knowledge in the field than your average Security Guard. But anyone who truly understands Psychology, and Sociology knows there will always be a Legal System in every country in the World. Regardless of what type of System is used as the Foundation of it's Society.

I will post more info on this Subject when I get time, or you can e-mail me if you want.

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